Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Kitten Story

There was an old wise cat and a small kitten in an alleyway. The old cat saw the kitten chasing its tail and asked, “Why are you chasing your tail?”

The kitten replied, “I’ve been attending cat philosophy school and I have learned that the most important thing for a cat is happiness, and that happiness is located in my tail. Therefore I am chasing it, and when I catch it, I shall be happy forever.”

Laughing, the wise old cat replied, “My son, I wasn’t lucky enough to go to cat philosophy school, but as I’ve gone through life, I too have realised that the most important thing for a cat is happiness, and indeed that it is located in my tail. The difference I’ve found though is that whenever I chase after it, it keeps running away from me, but when I go about my business and live my life, it just seems to follow after me wherever I go.”

Saturday, June 14, 2014

International Conference on Software Engineering - 2014

The 36th International Conference on Software Engineering (ICSE-2014), one of the biggest computer science conferences, took off here on Wednesday. The annual conference, being held in the country for the first time, is expected to bring value to computer science research and aid software companies in Hyderabad and in the rest of the country. The conference concludes on June 7.

More than 1,200 delegates, including about 700 international delegates from about 53 countries, are taking part in the conference.

Delivering the keynote address at the inaugural function, Prof James D Herbsleb of the Institute for Software Research, Carnegie Mellon University, USA, spoke on socio-technical coordination. He stated that any product architecture will have the coordination problem that the developer organisation must solve. He presented a theory of coordination, based on decision networks, that generalises the modularity strategy.

Speaking at a press conference later, Prof Vasudeva Varma, conference chair and dean (research), IIIT Hyderabad, said Hyderabad was chosen as the venue after five years of persistent efforts. “This is the biggest ICSE conference ever. There is a lot the IT industry, researchers and students can take back. Such a conference had made an incredible impact in IT industry in Hong Kong earlier. The same could happen here,” said Varma.

About 700 research papers will be presented, and formal demonstrations, poster sessions including 20 workshops and 18 tutorials, new faculty and researcher symposium, ACM student research competition are some of the events that will be held as a part of the conference.

Varma said a completely free and day-long workshop is scheduled for the last day of the conference. The topic, “The Business side of Software - Emerging Challenges and Opportunities” will help the research community know the challenges in software industry from industry leaders,” he added.