Thursday, July 3, 2014

Giving grammar lessons to 'Celebrities'

Its 21st century, people instead of asking "How are you?".. simply say "Hru?", "Sup?". And after the advent of SMS/WhatsApp/BBM etc. people are more into using diminutive phrases instead of grammatically apt sentences with "cool" usage of "Urban Dictionary" words.

It takes a lot of effort these days for many people to represent themselves in a very decent manner in front of their family, colleagues etc (specially youth!). And somehow their passable language is influenced by the people (in this case 'celebrities') whom they follow and read about.

As a matter of fact, most of the celebrities who are being religiously followed by their fans display an outburst of profanity. But today I stumbled upon a video in which a group of kids are helping there celebrity idols to rectify some of grammatical "blunders" they made on internet.. (Yes! on Twitter!!)

Check this video.

I upvote it and I think its an innovative and engaging way for kids to learn things better and  help their superstar "celebrities" represent in a more effective way on social media like Facebook and Twitter.